Money can’t buy love

There are men and women who both put money and beauty before love. Occupation, money and aesthetics is seen as a social economic status. And also, friendship, marriage and children is only considered to be idealistic as commodities, not for love.
So when it comes to people, relationships and children it is not for the purpose of love, but for what is superficial, pride. Having no depth, no character and no understanding for the pride of beauty, material wealth, and financial accomplishments. And how one is seen enjoying the physical comforts of life.

Without God it’s all meaningless. For God is love. And without love, life is reduced to the superficiality of materialism.Where it’s all about self, and not caring for others.

There is only 4 different kinds of love. Eros, Philia, Storge and Agape. Eros is a romantic love between a man and a woman. Philia is a love for a friend. Storge is a love, which a parent has for their child. And Agape is a love, which is selfless and unconditional. Agape is the love of God.

It’s then God’s love which defines all love. love between a man and a woman. Love for a friend. And love from a parent to a child or a child to a parent. This love was manifested through the character of Jesus Christ.

In conclusion: We as a people need to look to the example of God’s love through His Son Jesus Christ. And not to the world’s, filled with pride and selfishness.

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