What is faith in God’s love?

Faith is not in our ability to believe. Faith is not the intellectual strivings to gain theological knowledge to factually prove to have faith in God. Just like the love of God can not just be a theological theory in the mind.

To only have faith is because God works faith in us. And to know God’s love is for God to touch our hearts by the power of His love. Where faith in His love surpasses all knowledge. And not intellectually limited to a thesis.

Thus, faith is much more than an outward notion, but what is actually believed in the heart.

The Holy Spirit applies the knowledge of the truth of God to the heart. Elevating the principal of His love within. Faith then in this principle sinks to its depths, and becomes apart of who the person is.

As is seen, as God lovingly working His will and purpose in the heart. Ordering each step according to His word in righteousness. To wilfully live by faith in His love.

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