A cross to bear

Being a Christian is not easy. For every Christian, there is a cross to bear.To travel this Journey of hardship, persecution and faith alone. Following the example of the Heavenly Master, Jesus Christ. As Christians we will be attacked on the very things, which our Lord said to love the Lord thy God with. The […]

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A time of great deception

We’re living in a time where Satan is constantly redoubling his efforts. Not just in persecution, restrictions and ungodly diplomacy. But effectively blending light with darkness to such an extent, that without spiritual discernment by faith in God’s word we will not be able to tell the difference. He relentlessly attacks the word of God. […]

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God is God

Take heed, man is not his own God. But the God who created Him is certainly God. And is the God of man. It’s for all to know God is God. God gives opportunities. When God closes one door He opens another. By God’s grace He gives many chances. God produces positive results in one’s […]

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Lord, Lord

If only 8 people entered Noah’s ark, then what will the anti typical number be in the end times? It’s no coincidence that Revelation 7 verse 4 only speaks of 144,000 sealed by God. And also, throughout history, the evil has always been in the majority opposed to a very small minority. Jesus Christ said,” […]

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Where is the love?

Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself so humanity could have a chance to live through Him. He loved people inspite of Himself. He cried with those as He felt their grief. And gave a heartfelt comfort as He lovingly embraced them. If Jesus was here, He would of opened up His home to the homeless. Give food […]

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