Are we practicing speaking in tongues by communicating the Gospel in different languages, or light language in the Church?

Light language is part of the kundalini experience of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.  It is known by the gurus to cause people to lose their minds.  Light language is identical to the practice of what the Church calls speaking in tongues today. And if the two are exactly identical, then the two must be the same, and of the same spirit. The […]

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The cry of God’s people prayer

Your people Lord, are like sheep amongst wolves, In desperate need of you as their good Shepard. The enemy of souls, your adversary, the devil spiritually attacks from every angle, through family, friends, associates and strangers. And through supernatural phenomenon. The conscience of your people has been miserably vexed and flayed. To doubt and lose faith and hope in […]

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Faith Based Solo Scriptura

If we as Christians see the reality of the world more than the reality of the Scriptures, then there’s a problem of what we call faith. True faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God.  And man must live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.  For this is the substance, power and foundation of faith […]

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Human commoditization is a lie

Humanity was created in God’s image. Created out of love to have intrinsic worth, freedom and happiness. Life is sacred, significant and purposeful. Man’s value is determined by God’s love. It’s determined by His love through creation and redemption simultaneously. Life then has an infinite value. Human commodification denies these factors for pure materialism. Life is estimated relative to an economic value. Making life itself limited and subjected to finance. Love, […]

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The idolatry of Money

Money is seen as life and worshipped as a god in the west. People look to money for purpose, happiness and love. So the idea is perpetuated that without money we are nothing. Due to materialistic capitalism. Hence, the poor, unemployed are treated as though they are invisible, worthless and insignificant. The individual is seen as a dispensable […]

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Trust is something earned

Don’t you know we have to earn each other’s trust? Especially, when the person has been abused and downtrodden by others. It will take a lot of selfless love, and tender love and care to help most people. This of course takes time and patience. People who have been through a lifetime of pain, misery and suffering are scared of […]

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Lord, I am sorry

My Lord and my God, you have lavished me with your love. Treated me kindly and gracefully. Loved me selflessly and unconditionally. Undeservingly, shown me many times favor and mercy.  Being the one who works things out for my good. And freely bestowed great opportunities. I have been ungrateful. Taking advantage and being unappreciative of your love.  You plead with me by the promptings of your Spirit. You say, “I […]

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