What is self righteousness?

Self righteousness is a subjective standard of righteousness. A particular righteousness relative to an individual’s way of living righteously. It’s a righteousness of the world, which stems from the sinful nature of humanity. And because it’s of the sinful nature of man, it’s man’s attempt to live righteously in his own strength through sinful means. […]

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Self deception

Some people lie to themselves about themselves. And tell those same lies, which they have told themselves to others. Lying to self because of not wanting to accept all of the truth. Showing an impartiality to it even though they are consciously aware. Due to a half hearted commitment, where they are double minded at […]

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Who are God’s true people?

Jesus Christ gave His all to save His bride, the Church. Therefore, His bride reciprocates that love by loving Him with her all. The love reciprocated back is not only to love Him, knowing His love; but to love Him at the same intensity of the depths of His love. Loving Him completely selflessly, and […]

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Our intellectual issues

People are not stupid. God created man with a highly complex mind to be able to think, and make rational, intelligent choices. But because of sin humanity became imperfect. Faultering to the sinful propensities of the sinful nature to make unreasonable decisions. Sometimes the truth in plain sight can’t be seen. Being born spiritually blind. […]

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The Parable of the Sower

If we are not on the solid rock of Jesus Christ to begin with, then the test of our faith will fail in time. Consider the parable of the sower. Some will hear God’s word for the first time, and immediately be excited; but because they have no depth, no root they wither away when […]

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The gold digger

There are women who financially use men in the relationship. Moving on to the next guy with more money as soon as there’s an opportunity. Trying to climb the economic ladder to the most wealthy. And believing their worth is determined by how much money is spent on them by men. Inspite of having a […]

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