Real love purifies Poem

Love changes hearts and minds. Love provides refreshing conversations for the mind. Love is not blind, but wise. Love seeks to comfort those who cry. Love takes its time. Love is gentle, and love is kind. Love is like a harmonious floetic rhythm, that rhymes. Love doesn’t crush it purifies. Love is life. God is […]

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What is a man or a woman?

We can’t even define basic concepts anymore. If we can’t even define what gender somebody is in accordance to their sex. Sex biologically determines gender objectively. And gender is a subjective self perception or expression of biological sex. But the devil has twisted it. To it’s gender that subjectively decides sex. So if you think, […]

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The godly glow of God’s people

A godly person has an awe inspiring beauty about them in their character. Making them appear to be Christlike. Which is like a radiant glow that shines brightly from the inside out. Possessing attractive qualities of virtue.Such as integrity, nobility innocence and selflessness. And having an in depth spiritual substance. Demonstrating a distinctive uniqueness completely […]

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The Youth of Today

The culture of our youth today is absolutely disgraceful. It’s disturbingly disgusting. So much so, that they have no shame. Just like the time of Israel in its apostasy, they have lost their ability to blush. Having no sense of embarrassment. And are proud in their shamelessness. Living a life devoid of character and integrity. […]

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The breath of life

God is as intimately real to us personally, as the very breath we breathe in our mortal bodies. This same breath is in every single living thing. This breath is as intangible as the wind. Even though it’s invisible to the eye, we can see its effect on almost everything else. And is a everyday […]

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Come Up Higher

If the doers of the law, the Ten Commandments are justified. Then it’s by faith it’s established. Being justified by faith through the grace of God by Jesus Christ, the law is then kept as a consequence of love. No longer living in sin, which is transgression of the law. But by righteousness in faith. […]

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Bring back old fashion courtship

Men and women should be looking for good characteristics in a person, which demonstrates attractive qualities. That also, reflects their values. Looks, preferences and hobbies are not fundamentally important. They are superficial to actually getting to know the person personally. If we practice celebacy and abstinence, we would make better informed choices concerning who we […]

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As human beings we expect God to intervene whenever we need Him the most. To intervene the way we want Him to. And when He doesn’t, our tendency is to act unfaithful and blasphemous. But man made the choice for sin to curse his descendants and the earth. To cause death and destruction. And all […]

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Are you God’s match for me?

The man pursuing a woman is not only outdated, but not according to the Biblical blueprint. The Biblical blueprint as seen in the Bible is God bringing the 2 together to become 1 flesh. For a man could pursue the wrong woman who is not a match. Who is not the one who God wants […]

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