Pride goes before destruction

Pharaoh had a defiant attitude to the Lord, where he thought he could resist and challenge Him. As though he was one of superior strength. He looked upon the God of the Hebrews as inferior to himself by reason of their circumstance in comparison to his own. The Pharaohs were considered as gods on earth, […]

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What is love? part 2

Some think love is just to say to another, I love you. Some think it’s about making the other happy. While others may think love is being caring and supportive according to their wants. Some even believe love is about giving, in the hope to receive something in return. Therefore, some have expectations of love […]

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Ungodly Feminism

God made the man, woman and child. From the beginning it was so. This is the rightful order of society. God is the head of Christ. Christ being the Son says, “the Father is greater than I.” Christ is the head of the man. Creating the man first before Eve. As the one who leads […]

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How we should be as Christians

This definitely goes for me and you, and everyone who claims to be a Christian in these dark times. We must be a people of God who will not go against our conscience. Even on pain of death. A people of such integrity and righteousness, that wouldn’t lie. Even if it cost us our very […]

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The Proverbs 31 woman

Who is the virtuous woman? The virtuous woman is certainly rare. Definitely not a common woman. She is a selfless woman. A woman of self sacrifice, unconditional love and grace. A woman who stands for righteousness and truth. A woman who has God’s word hidden in her heart. A woman who worships God in spirit […]

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Divine Retribution

They deceive themselves when they think they can get away with wickedness without no consequences. Bragging with laughter the evil they have done. They shall fall by their own hand. By their own hand they shall bring about their own downfall and shame. By the works of their own hands in mischievous acts and malicious […]

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Real love purifies Poem

Love changes hearts and minds. Love provides refreshing conversations for the mind. Love is not blind, but wise. Love seeks to comfort those who cry. Love takes its time. Love is gentle, and love is kind. Love is like a harmonious floetic rhythm, that rhymes. Love doesn’t crush it purifies. Love is life. God is […]

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What is a man or a woman?

We can’t even define basic concepts anymore. If we can’t even define what gender somebody is in accordance to their sex. Sex biologically determines gender objectively. And gender is a subjective self perception or expression of biological sex. But the devil has twisted it. To it’s gender that subjectively decides sex. So if you think, […]

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The godly glow of God’s people

A godly person has an awe inspiring beauty about them in their character. Making them appear to be Christlike. Which is like a radiant glow that shines brightly from the inside out. Possessing attractive qualities of virtue.Such as integrity, nobility innocence and selflessness. And having an in depth spiritual substance. Demonstrating a distinctive uniqueness completely […]

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