Life isn’t always predictable

Life itself is unpredictable. Things randomly happen unexpectedly. But nothing happens for no reason. There’s no such thing as coincidences when it comes to divine order. And sometimes we may go around in circles because there’s a purpose in the very thing we’re looking for, but it’s the one thing we can’t see. And then […]

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The Lucifer effect

There’s a psychological term called the Lucifer effect. The Lucifer effect is based on a psychological and sociological behaviour of human beings. Concerning the misuse of position of power or authority to ill treat and torture others. It can also be used to belittle people, that have a perceived weakness or who are vulnerable at […]

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The pride of life

The world says, you won’t get anywhere by being nice. And you won’t get ahead without making moral compromises. The world will then try to knock you down over and over again, and keep you down. To lift up the heart in pride to harden the conscience. To be consciously insensitive, without a care for […]

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The new age deception in the church

The charismatic pentecostal movement is really the new age spiritual movement in the church. New age spirituality has flooded the church like a wild fire, which is a blend of gnosticism and Hindu mysticism. It’s every where. It’s the belief you are a god who is spiritually eternal. Possessing the power to make things manifest […]

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Always look to God’s love Poem

When the hurt cuts deep inside, and tears fall from your eyes. Have faith in God’s love, that He will reward those who cries. When love is unrequited, not reciprocated back, remember God’s love for you, which would never retract. look not to how things may appear. For beauty is often mistaken for truth; where […]

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