Human commoditization is a lie

Humanity was created in God’s image. Created out of love to have intrinsic worth, freedom and happiness. Life is sacred, significant and purposeful. Man’s value is determined by God’s love. It’s determined by His love through creation and redemption simultaneously. Life then has an infinite value. Human commodification denies these factors for pure materialism. Life is estimated relative to an economic value. Making life itself limited and subjected to finance. Love, […]

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The idolatry of Money

Money is seen as life and worshipped as a god in the west. People look to money for purpose, happiness and love. So the idea is perpetuated that without money we are nothing. Due to materialistic capitalism. Hence, the poor, unemployed are treated as though they are invisible, worthless and insignificant. The individual is seen as a dispensable […]

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Trust is something earned

Don’t you know we have to earn each other’s trust? Especially, when the person has been abused and downtrodden by others. It will take a lot of selfless love, and tender love and care to help most people. This of course takes time and patience. People who have been through a lifetime of pain, misery and suffering are scared of […]

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Lord, I am sorry

My Lord and my God, you have lavished me with your love. Treated me kindly and gracefully. Loved me selflessly and unconditionally. Undeservingly, shown me many times favor and mercy.  Being the one who works things out for my good. And freely bestowed great opportunities. I have been ungrateful. Taking advantage and being unappreciative of your love.  You plead with me by the promptings of your Spirit. You say, “I […]

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What is love part 3

The Greeks knew 4 different kinds of love. Eros, philia, storge and agape. Eros is a romantic love between a man and a woman. Philia is a brotherly love of friendship and for mankind. Storage is a love a parent has for a child. And love a child has for their parents. Agape is an unconditional selfless love. Agape is the […]

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Without God’s love we are nothing

Our ethics, good works and righteousness doesn’t ever make us deserving of God’s love. Not even our pain, suffering and misery, and personal issues. We actually deserved death. For the wages of sin is death. But God had mercy.  God had mercy to freely give us the gift of eternal life through His Son Jesus […]

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She loves me, she loves me not poem

I love her, but I’m not sure if she loves me. I’m not sure if she’s my future wife to be. If it’s in God’s plans. I will leave it in His hands. I would love her like Christ loves the Church. Gracefully and self sacrificially even when it hurts. For I won’t ever undermine her value by denying her worth. If not then we don’t […]

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Hey there lonely boy poem

I listen and assist. My love for him I won’t resist. I wait patently, but he never notices me. Watching from afar. Wondering if he will ever notice this lonely heart. Thinking if he would give our love a chance. If he would save the best for last. I’m always there to care for him. […]

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Will I ever find love ? poem

I pour my heart out in poetry.  Hoping will I ever find the woman who loves me.  A desire to love and care deeply. To share and express the deepest intimate mysteries.  I am a man of hopeless romance. It feels like I would never get the chance. Not even to ask, may I have this […]

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