God is no respecter of persons

God cares about the lowest of us. He cares about those who have no beauty, the poor, the sick, the uneducated, the lonely, the outcast, the rejected, the imprisoned, the unjustly accused, and the unjustly wronged. God sees no difference as man sees. He sees no difference between the sick and healthy. The poor and rich. The uneducated and educated. Those who are not […]

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Do I even want love? Poem

All I wanted is to be loved. But all I got was hatred, masquerading as love to slowly infiltrate my heart to break it. Now I anticipate the fakers coming from a mile away. These snakes are subtle and evil. Under the pretense of good intentions are most people. The world has robbed me of my innocence in the name of love. Caused […]

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I Just want to be loved poem

I feel like nobody loves me. There’s no empathy. My heart is heavy. And my soul is so lonely. Longing for someone to understand. Someone who would just love me for who I am. Where I can be open and vulnerable without them being judgmental. To show some sweetness. And give comfort from all the […]

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Is love idealistic?

Some Men are only with a woman relative to her looks and physical attraction. To upgrade his economic status and image in society. Before moving on to another, he thinks looks more attractive. As women’s value are determined by how they look in western societies. And then there are women who are only with a […]

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Self righteousness vs God’s righteousness

We are to receive God’s righteousness by faith. Faith where we are justified in Jesus Christ. Our own righteousness is a righteousness inclined to compromise what is righteous for the sake of convenience. A righteousness which tries to conveniently justify sin in particular circumstances. Where righteousness is compromise for sin. Our own righteousness is therefore nothing, but filthy rags. Isaiah 64:6 A righteousness of filthy rags […]

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10 things that make men look bad

1. Chasing a woman that does not want you. Makes men look desperate, weak and pathetic. 2. Going for women that are beautiful with no personality. 3. Falling in love with a woman just because she’s beautiful. 4. looking at a woman as an sexual object for self gratification 5. Spoiling a woman just because […]

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