What is faith in God’s love?

Faith is not in our ability to believe. Faith is not the intellectual strivings to gain theological knowledge to factually prove to have faith in God. Just like the love of God can not just be a theological theory in the mind. To only have faith is because God works faith in us. And to […]

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Death where is thy sting?

To have no fear of death is to truly live the Christian life. Living for something worth dying for, which is faith in Jesus Christ. True liberation comes by accepting death with the hope to see Christ at His second coming, when resurrected. Jesus said, “whoever wants to save his life will lose it, and […]

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God help my unbelief

If the love of God is not known in the heart, it’s to live with a sense of condemnation and terror of His judgement; and therefore, fear death. Tormented with guilt, knowing the wages of sin is death. Having not accepted by faith, the free gift He offers. We then naturally look to our own […]

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Do you know the love of God?

To know God’s love intellectually, and not personally is to only be able to respond to His love intellectually. Being intellectually zealous of the knowledge about God. Thus, to know God’s love intellectually, purely on a theological basis will never suffice the deep longings of the heart and soul of an individual. It’s truly meant […]

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