Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil

The French revolution was the start of a whole new era, which was called the era of enlightenment. The doctrine of illuminated humanism is in essence gnosticism. Gnosticism is Greek philosophical reasoning and mysticism. Gnosticism philosophically asserts self governance by reason of natural law. It is knowledge derived from intuition  and the belief man is spiritually divine. Possessing immortality, and the prerogative to morally define truth.

This belief has been the most popular view ever since the serpent told Eve  she can be as gods, knowing good and evil. The serpent, the devil, who  is the fallen angel lucifer  inverted good and evil.  His lie made God appear to be a liar, when it was actually him and not God. Gnosticism is the lies told to Eve in the garden of Eden by the serpent. Hence, gnosticism  is esoteric knowledge, inverting good and evil. It is the forbidden knowledge, God forbids.

Democracy is a Greek concept. It is the rule of the majority. In a democratic society people think, organise and practice as a collective. Subjectively determining as a collective what policies and legislations they want implemented by their representative. Natural law will be the standard, concerning the rights of the people. Championing implicitly and explicitly, we do not need God, we can be our own gods looking to reason, and defining what is right and wrong ourselves without God. Without God being  the transcendent, immutable and absolute standard of righteousness, we are left to our faulty reasoning where anything can be justified. Consequently, truth is inverted because of the justification of evil going against God. Calling that which we know to be good evil, and what we know to be evil good.

Some of us has a luciferean god complex. Wanting to be like The Most High. Isaiah 14:12-14. Lucifer  believed he was too exalted to serve as a created being. He coveted the position of God, wanting His glory and worship for himself. Lucifer then became the devil and satan. The evil one, the accuser of the brethren and God’s adversary. He was the first to self exalt. Due to his self exaltation he fell because of pride. Pride is a self inordinate affection, an excessive love for one self. This kind of self love would be described in psychological terms as psychotic narcissism, megalomania and delusion of grandeur. Believing in his own fixed reality in spite of it being completely irrational, that he possessed superior qualities to be like The Most High God, obsessed with the idea of absolute power. Even if it was to cause chaos by manipulation and destruction to be worshipped.

Let us humble ourselves before God, and not be proud at heart. Questioning our preconceived notions, ridding ourselves of our cognitive dissonance by asking God for clarity. We need to resist the devil. Resisting the view that exalts man to divinity through the inversion of truth. So there can be a distinction in the world once again, in contrast to what is evil. We desperately need Jesus Christ. We need Him living in our Hearts. We all need to pray individually and collectively, coming together for such a time like this.


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