Do you care what God thinks or what people think ?

Most of us live our lives relative to the expectations and perception of others. For acceptance; and a false sense of confidence, we become something that we are not. Trying to integrate (fit in), so we don’t feel estranged or alienated. But to base self esteem on what society thinks is to conform, and not be an individual, which limits the value of human beings, and compromises the uniqueness and integrity of individuals to something fleeting.

A person’s life is easily considered meaningless and disposable if the individual chooses to be different from everybody else. Choosing not to violate their conscience for what is right, and in pursuit of that which is unique and true. But there are those that struggle. Suffering with depression. Sometimes to the point of self harm. Some may even commit suicide. Due to not being able to cope with the pressure.

We judge superficially and selfishly. We judge each other for what we can see on the surface without a care to know and understand the pain, suffering and differences of what people are going through or why we are the way we are. Causing us as a people to ignore others as though they don’t exist. Having them in-contempt.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, God manifested in the flesh payed for our redemption with His own blood. For that reason, our self esteem should be in the confidence of His love and not in ourselves nor people. Our value is then infinitely high. Transcending the thoughts and opinions of how we are perceived and what people expect from us. Thus, all life has a purpose, meaning and destiny. Whenever it’s the poor or rich, free or enslaved, popular or the unpopular, criminal or law abiding. And what God thinks is more important than what people think.


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