We Have to Change

We are living in a time of darkness. A time where there is no more truth, honesty, moral accountability and introspection. Thus, lies, falseness, hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance, confusion and violence have become the inevitable consequences.

Love has grown cold. No longer is there a genuine interest in people, and any altruistic (selfless or self sacrificing) concern for the well being of others. The hearts of the people have Hardened. Living without hardly any natural affection and compassion for others.

The Church is no longer the light of the world. Due to its conformity. The Church has embraced the cultural norms of society in order to stay relevant. Light has then been blended with darkness to form grey areas which are seen to be justifiable.

For that reason, there is a great need for an individual change before there can ever be a collective change that is going to influence and change the general public. We all individually as Christians need honest introspection by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, according to the word. We need to pray and ask God to remove this heart of stone, and give us a heart of flesh. We need to pray for the truth to be in our inward parts. And also, pray for His love to dwell securely in our hearts. So society can experience once again a spiritual revival and reformation.

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