A Heart Religion

Our problem as a people seems to be universal. life seems randomly chaotic. The Bible says, due to sin man has fallen from a perfect to an corruptible state; and have allowed evil to enter into the world. Sin is the transgression of the Law (The Ten Commandments). The Ten Commandments are the standard of righteousness. Being the transcript of God’s character implemented in His governance.

We are alienated from God because of our sins. Sin has then caused a separation between us and God. Consequently, we are spiritually impoverished (objectively poor) living with a sense of estrangement and emptiness. Worldly fulfilment is naturally sought out for, because of our sinful condition instead of godly fulfilment.

Jesus came to reconcile us back to the Father through His atoning sacrifice. His Sacrifice was the ultimate expression of God’s love to the world. By faith we can have access into this peace with God that brings reconciliation through His Son, Jesus Christ. Therefore, “by faith Christ may dwell in our hearts.”With the full assurance of God’s love. Receiving the Spirit of adoption. Where one sees them self as a son or daughter beloved by the Father. And experiences a loving relationship with the Heavenly Father.

There are many without the love of God. Without God’s love there is no peace within the heart. All there is is confusion, fear, hatred and chaos. The majority of Christendom substitutes a theological belief that God is love for actually being filled with His love. Thus, it is not to simply believe theologically that God Himself is love. For even the devil and his demons know that. It must surpass the intellect. For the love of God goes beyond all knowledge and understanding. There are also, those who dangerously think themselves to be alright because they have experienced God’s promptings through the Holy Spirit according to the word. When His promptings is for us to seek fulfilment in Him. This pretence is hypocrisy. Misrepresenting the character of who they profess to believe in.

God does not just want to come into our hearts, but make our hearts His home. He wants to make the transformation from the inside out. So His people can have the inward representative, the inward witness of the Holy Spirit. Where it is not just a form of godliness, without the power of God working in and through people. But a godliness clearly visible for a profound love for God from the heart.

In conclusion: for those experiencing no peace, but internal chaos, fear, hatred and confusion, must open their hearts to  Jesus Christ. By responding to His promptings, and seeking Him with all their hearts.

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