Sexual Purity

There’s only 2 perspectives regarding sex. A godly, and an ungodly view. The godly view is the purpose and intent of why God created sex, and the other is a worldly view in direct opposition against Him.

God created and designed sex to be a physical, intimate expression of love, which complements the other in selflessness. Reflecting His love. Henceforth, He creates after His own image male and female. When a husband and wife come together they reflect the image of God in their love for each other, demonstrating that God is love.

Therefore, procreation shows the love of God to create out of love, and for love. To have, and care and raise children. Putting someone else’s needs before your own.

“Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge.” Hebrews 13:4

Fornication is contrary to God’s will. And being contrary to His will it’s an abomination to Him. An abomination is described as a bad, rotten stench that God can smell. It’s disgustingly disturbing, and needs eradication (annihilation), in order to prevent it from intoxicating and destroying life.

Fornication causes an unquenchable lustful thirst for the flesh. Leading to all kinds of unthinkable sexual perversions. Sexually, participating in unnatural sexual activities. For example oral sex, sodomy and sexual promiscuity, and etc. Oral sex not only exchanges bacteria from mouth to private areas, but can cause infections. Sodomy also, puts people at risk of contracting a bacterial infection. Both practices concern the unnatural intermingling of human saliva, feces, urine, sperm and blood. Causing yeast infections on genital reproductive organs, including in the mouth. And promiscuous sexual behavior by having multiple sex partners increases the probability. It’s for this very reason why people get STD’s.

This is a debase, dehumanising animalistic passion. An imitation of the wild, without restraint, decency and intimacy for self pleasure. Selfishly, using others to satisfy our desires.

God wants us to be with the person who He created us to be with. He calls every single one of us individually for purity and abstinence.To dedicate and devote our lives to Him first, before we can save ourselves for our future spouses in marriage. Where true love is known within the heart because of His love for us. Experiencing true intimacy, and allowing love to take its time.

God’s way is to protect us. To keep us from any other way that will cause harm. But the choice is up to us. He created us with the ability to freely choose. He has a respect for our free will, and never seeks to over ride it.

So will you choose this day God’s way? For in His love there’s ultimate satisfaction.

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