What’s The Point To Live In Sin, When Sin Has Caused Nothing But Pain, Misery And Destruction?

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, sin entered into the world. Causing the world to become fallen and filled with darkness. No longer clearly reflecting the glory of God by His love. As a consequence, all of creation grieviously mourns because of pain, misery and sadness due to sin.

Man became a fallen creature. Subjected to death because of sin. Through being mortal, natural disasters, sicknesses and by the hand of another. And man’s descendents will inherit His sinful condition. This sinful condition is a sinful nature. Having a natural tendency to evil.Thus, diseases, viruses, infections, earthquakes, floods, cyclones and violence is all a consequence of sin.Of what’s wrong, what went wrong and the pain it has caused.

All has and will then, experience pain and suffering in life. Some have suffered silently, while others have suffered publicly. Most of us have gone through inexplicable pain since childhood.

Some unjustly, afflict people without a cause. There’s people who have suffered by the actions of others, which have deep unresolved issues. And then there’s others, that continued the cycle of people who are hurting, hurt other people.

As Human beings we sometimes tend to advertently and inadvertently, result to destructive and self destructive means to cope with the pain that we’re either been or going through. Hence, the reason why, we are the way we are. Naturally going according to our sinful tendencies to solve and resolve our issues.

All of this has grieved the heart of God. And yet inspite of the obvious consequences of sin, we’re not only in denial, but in denial when we experienced the repercussions of it, which we continue to try and justify. Knowing by its repercussions that it’s wrong.

If all of this is a consequence of a wrong choice to sin in disobedience to God, then God was right an we are wrong.

Therefore, what sense does it make to live in sin? What sense does it make to justify sin, when we not only know it’s responsible for the problem of death? And what sense does it make, when it causes us pain despite the temporal pleasures we may gain from it?

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