Metamorphosis Poem

As a catapillur goes through its metamorphosis. Making the transition into a butterfly. We go through a season of changes before we can spread our wings and fly. To fly so high untill we reached the sky with the wind beneath our wings as we take breaks to glide.

God transforms us into something beautiful and successful. He gives us a trajectory flight upwards to progression as we reach perfection. He continuously lavishes us with His love. Where His love gently, decends upon us like a dove, without being ruff. And gives us rest to forget our labours and many afflictions to have the best, and be blessed.

We are all going through our metamorphosis season. To have faith and to trust, believing and depending on Him. Waiting patiently before we transition to see the beauty of the glory of the love of God, transforms us completely from within. Before we can fly high gracefully like a butterfly.

To where we want to be in life. For this is His promise to each and every single one of us who puts their faith in Him, which in Him is truth, and no lies.

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