Do you know the love of God?

To know God’s love intellectually, and not personally is to only be able to respond to His love intellectually. Being intellectually zealous of the knowledge about God.

Thus, to know God’s love intellectually, purely on a theological basis will never suffice the deep longings of the heart and soul of an individual.

It’s truly meant to be so much more. Having an assurance of God’s love, whereby we can lay claim to the hope of salvation.

God’s love surpasses all knowledge. It’s infinitely deep, and immensely broad beyond our understanding. And higher than the heavens. This love we are to be filled with. As it’s shed abroad by the power of the Holy Spirit.

If it’s no more than a fact to us, concerning God’s love through the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ, then it’s not known personally. And if It’s not known personally, where we can receive the free gift of God’s love by faith, we will not be able to accept it as a free gift which is offer to us. Due to the fact that His love surpasses the intellect. And naturally faulter to our works and righteousness as a means for justification.

To love God with our all is to know He loved us with His all, where He was prepared to lay down His life in the person of Christ to save us. So we then can love Him with our all, rendering uncompromisable obedience even to the point of death.

Living with an absolute boldness and active confidence in His grace by faith, that we have no fear of death; because of His love for us. 1 Corinthians 15:55

True faith then is to have no fear of death. Due to recieving the blessed assurance of God’s love.
And causes the heart to sing, o death where is thy sting? And o grave, where is thy victory? For the sting of death and the victory of the grave has been swallowed up in Jesus Christ our redeemer and king.

For love and fear can not dwell in the heart at the same time.”Love has no fear; but perfect love casteth out fear. Fear has torment. Whoever is tormented by fear is not made perfect by love.” Ephesians 3:19

Fear doesn’t allow us to rest in God’s love, but causes us to doubt not trusting in it. Consequently, tormented by anxieties as it concerns not wanting to die.

And it’s this faith which establishes the law. There’s an obedience out of love to God by faith in His love. A Faith, willing to die than to transgress God’s law.

For this reason, our eternal fate rest on these 2 questions:

Do you know Jesus Christ as your saviour, that He died for your sins?

And does the Spirit bear witness with your spirit, that you are a child of God?

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