God take my heart for I want give it

God gives us the most perfect and divine assurance. Whereby we can have the hope of salvation. The gift of faith in His love. The inward witness of the Holy spirit. The Spirit of God bearing witness with our spirit, that we are His children, and He is our Farther. Receiving the spirit of adoption through Jesus Christ His Son.

It’s then an impossibility to claim faith in Christ without this experience. Anything else is a mere belief that the individual feels obligated to have. And His act of faith is mustered up, and drawn from his own strength to what he thinks faith is, rather than it being what God does in his heart to believe in His love.

Unless he experiences conversion. God miraculously transforming the heart by the power of His love. The individual will continue to live with a sense of shame, guilt and condemnation in regards to God’s judgement against sin. His sins will intensely weigh down like a heavy burden on his conscience. And be tormented by his fear of death. Living in constant fear of the judgement of God.

He will look to good deeds to please God. He will confess his sins everyday. He may study all Scripture. And chatter on and on about faith. To find all of what he is doing availeth nothing. As he sins, his anxieties will be heighten on top of the heavy burden he already carries. And is on the verge of giving up from seeking God’s face.

Thus, we must all ask God for faith in His love. To know within the heart to trust in Christ alone for salvation. To be given an assurance that He even died for you, and took away your sins. Saving you from the law of sin and death.

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