Don’t be unequally yoked with unbelievers

Unequally yoked means to be joined or bonded together with an unbeliever who does not share the same spiritual values and depthness as a believer. Which provides the substance to who they are as an individual.

Causing the believer to compromise what they believe for what the non believer believes. So there can be a peace in their relationship; but not a peace in the heart of the conscience of the believer. Where the believer becomes more like the unbeliever instead of more like Jesus Christ and less of themselves.

The Bible clearly says, what fellowship does light have with darkness?

What do those who are believers of the Light have in common with those who are believers in the darkness?

The two are polar opposites.
Either the light will expell the darkness or the darkness will expell the light. The 2 can’t exist in harmony with eachother. In the sense of the Truth.

For bad company corrupts good character. And a man becomes transformed into the likeness of what he beholds, looks at. And if he’s constantly looking at evil, he will become intoxicated by it.

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