What is the Christian’s purpose and work?

The most important work to do is the Lord’s work above all occupations. It’s the purpose of this work in which he has gifted us with talents and abilities, in order to fulfill the reason of our existence by giving Him the honour and glory. As co- workers with Christ for the salvation of man.

Used by God as vessels filled with the inward witness of the Holy Spirit. To plant seeds of faith according to God’s word, while He causes them to be rooted, so they can germinate and bear fruit.

Only a person who has experienced a spiritual rebirth will understand this. Who has experienced a regeneration of the heart. Who knows and understands how it feels to be set free from the power of darkness to light.

Selflessly, devoting themselves to a cause to win souls for the honour and glory of God unto the salvation of man.

For this very reason, every man who is baptized in the faith and filled with His Spirit is called into ministry.

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