Do not despise stumbling blocks

God will put necessary stumbling blocks, which may seem like bitter disappointments. But are blessings in disguise.

He does this for our own good and protection. So we won’t be utterly cast down and destroyed. And our feet won’t be so swift for destruction. Knowing the devil desires to sift us as wheat. To subtly and slowly break us down to the point of death.

The devil often entices us on what we think we need. Making what we think we need an object of desire and pleasure. To allure us into a snare. He will use hypnosis to enchant, captivate the mind. 

And through the mind spiritually stir up something within the heart, in order to act impulsively without proper judgment.

He degrades the mind through desensitization. To numb and silence the conscience. Entangling the individual in such a confusion he himself has created to complement the way the individual thinks.

For this very reason, what we think we want is not always good for us. What we think we want is not what we need also. It doesn’t have the same important value of what is actually good for us. And we as sinful creatures even need guidance for what we need.

God knows what we need better than we do. He will give us the desires of our hearts if we delight ourselves in Him first. For He is our heart’s ultimate desire. It’s in Him alone who can satisfy its deep yearnings.

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