What is love part 3

The Greeks knew 4 different kinds of love. Eros, philia, storge and agape.

Eros is a romantic love between a man and a woman. Philia is a brotherly love of friendship and for mankind. Storage is a love a parent has for a child. And love a child has for their parents. Agape is an unconditional selfless love. Agape is the love which defines all love. Without agape all love fails. Agape in its perfectly purest form and essence was profoundly expressed through God in the person of Jesus Christ.

Husbands are to love their wives self sacrificially and unconditionally just like Christ loves the Church. The wives are to reciprocate that love back to their husbands. Knowing what true love is. Knowing the love of God.

Man is to love and serve his neighbor selflessly and unconditionally. Valuing the lives of every single person individually as sacred. Even the lives of his enemies. 

And Lay down his life self sacrificially, just like Christ laid down His for the lives and freedom of others.

Parent’s love is to love their children how God loves us. Selflessly, self sacrificially and unconditionally. And likewise children are to love their parents in the same manner. 

God pardons are sins. Forgive us of all trespasses and iniquity. Putting them in the sea of forgetfulness. 

He’s merciful even when we don’t deserve it. He is kind, sweet and gentle. His love is unfailing. Infinitely endures forever. He suffers patiently long with us. As He wills us to be saved all for our sake.

His love for us never changes. He loves us with an unconditional selfless love. A self sacrificial love. A love which loves undeservingly. And a love that gives undeservingly also. It’s a love we are to have for each other. Reflecting His love for us. 

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