Ladies do not eat the bread of idleness 

God did not create beautiful women to be idle and self conceited. To be proud of their beauty. To value themselves because of how pretty they look.

Beauty is a gift from God. To reflect His glory of who He is, the beauty of His love, like any other gift. It’s a gift to glorify Him, and not to contribute it to self by taking credit for it. 

By doing so, it’s to pervert the gift of beauty to become a lover of self. Worshipping self rather than being a lover and worshipper of God. 

And It’s also, self idolatry. To idolize yourself because of your beauty. Making yourself your own god. Where it’s all about self in all selfishness.

Now women are using social media to publish pictures of themselves called selfies. To showcase their beauty of how pretty they are.

But what makes any other woman different if she does the exact same thing as the thousands of women around the world who take selfie pictures? 

How does that demonstrate individuality and uniqueness?

Is it not shallow to think as a woman that your value is in your beauty, and it’s all you have to offer?

And is this not being vain? Which is excessive admiration of one’s own appearance and aesthetic. Constantly admiring yourself because of how you look.

It’s in God’s love where we can find our value not the love of the world. The world’s love can never satisfy the Insatiable desires of the heart. Only God can. Only God can fulfill that God shaped void in the heart.

Having said that, when women use social media with the incentive to constantly take pictures of themselves in admiration of their beauty for attention,  they’re putting themselves into a black hole of unending misery and discontentment. The constant likes, views, attention and admiration of selfie pics, will only give a temporal satisfaction to keep chasing to have a sense of self worth and value.

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