Is what they call today speaking in tongues really speaking in tongues?

Chants are either words or sounds said in a repetitive fashion or sang to cause an alter state of consciousness.

Invoking a spirit for a spiritual experience of enlightenment. To be open to a spiritual entity expressing itself for inspiration. Through by passing the faculty of logical reason and comprehension to force the recipient to inadvertently do or say things, which they are unaware or not in control of.

Opening themselves up to accept the inhabitants of another spirit. And to follow its guidance.

This is also used in the eastern and African meditative prayers.

This is the exact unbiblical description of what is called speaking in tongues of today.

The Biblical distinction describes itself as a miraculous gift from God to communicate the Gospel in different languages; and therefore, for the Church’s edification.

Hence, the need for interpretation.

This strange phenomena is known in the new age, eastern mysticism, African black magic spiritualism ( voodoo) and the ancient practice of Greek spiritual possession of the Greek gods.

The guru’s knew it as part of the kundalini experience, which can make someone mentally ill.

It even may seem those who practice this to have psychic abilities. But are really receiving their information from demons. To spread false doctrines of devils.

There are many in the church who have lost their minds. Due to this practice. And maintain somewhat mental stability by anti psychotics and mood stabilizers. Medication designed to help the individual live with some stability. But not fully.

This ungodly practice needs to be made aware of. And those who have become demonically possessed need people who would pray and fast for them.

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