The Beauty of Women

Women are beautiful. They were created to not only experience love from God, but also their husbands, which reflects God’s love in a selfless way. The miracle of life is formed in their womb by the unseen hands of God. Women have a unique purpose not only to bring forth life, but to assist and support their husbands with the task assigned to them. And also, while being there for their husbands, they are to individually fulfil  what God has called them to do. They are to face life together, helping each other for the glory of God. Just like Adam and Eve.

Women have good qualities. Their countenance alone manifest the glory of God. The beauty from within transcends their external beauty, because they were fearfully and wonderfully made. They have a nurturing nature, kind and gentle.  Empathetic towards the feelings of others. Their persona is elegance and non hostile. They are very good at listening, and have great attention to detail. Their perceptive (discerning), offering perspective,  insight in something important, making great conversationalist. Therefore, women are supportive, helpful, give good counsel and loving.

Thus, women should be more appreciated, speaking as a man. Men need to do more for women. We need to listen, and stop with the insensitivity and appreciate the little things. Their sexuality needs to stop being exploited. We should start telling women, their worth is infinite because of God’s love for us. We should start telling women as men, that you do not have to give up that which is sacred for self validation. Men should want to bring comfort to women instead of pain. Men should want to bring comfort to women instead of being perverts, sexually objectifying them. As men we need to see women according to how God sees them.

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