The Virtuous Woman Poem

The suffering wasn’t permitted inadvertently to cause misery, but to mould her beautifully into someone godly. The enemy of her soul crept in, having access in the process. Manipulating situations, afflicting her with excruciating pain as a violation to misplace hatred in vulnerable places. To harden her heart of that which she felt could never be pardoned, turning her sensitivity in defensiveness, and desperateness for validation. She thought no one would ever love her unless she could give something. That something for affirmation, sometimes with an hesitation, not really sure if this is the right thing she should be doing. But as time went by she became use to it. Believing what looked like love; and therefore embracing what they call love sick. Hate and love got twisted, due to being mistreated, where in her mind there was no distinction.

She always asked questions, sceptical of what true love is, going from relationship to relationship, and was never comforted. Contentment was no such thing, the emptiness within crippling, going around and around in circles doing the same old thing. Where was her hope or heaven sent, when life seems insignificant, or was it always meant to be so incredibly belligerent.

One day the light of God’s love drew her out of darkness by a love so infinite, which changed her mourning into gladness. She became virtuous knowing what true love is, that God is love, and His love is selflessness. She came to believe, because she could feel, the assurance of His love, and was healed. Now she knows He cares, working everything out for her good, to prosper her, and not to destroy her. His grace filled her countenance and shone gloriously, patience was her crown, her white linen was His righteousness, and she no longer wore a frown. Free from the prison of  superficialism, to wisdom, realism and optimism. She birthed into the earth something precious, a fruit of love which reflects the image of what is transcendent. She transformed into an inspiration, an example to all women, pointing to Jesus the Saviour that has risen.

Her worth is eternal, and beauty beyond. Thus, no earthly riches untold could ever be compared with such a beautiful soul. She is a man’s heart desire, but if it’s God’s will, he will find her, because she is His Daughter, and He’s always protecting her. As a wife, she is a woman of integrity. High morals, intelligence and sound judgement, the perfect help mate and good at home management. Not the type to stay at home all day though, oh no, but loves to explore, finding the best of everything. And walks with Jesus Christ daily, primarily focusing on Him.


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