Antinomianism, The Lie Against God’s Ten Commandments

Antinomianism is the notion, that God’s Moral Decalogue (The Ten Commandments) are nailed to the cross due to His grace. This stems from the doctrine of dispensationalism, which argues against the eternality of The Ten Commandments. The argument is. How can it be eternal, when it was only revealed during the time of Moses on Mount Sinai ? And also, is not the observation of God’s law legalism, negating His grace?

If the moral law of God was nailed to the cross due to His grace, there would be no standard of righteousness to transgress; and because there is no standard of righteousness, nothing can be defined from a counter perspective to objectively call a sin. It is written,”But sin is not imputed, where there is no law.”Romans 5:13.

The Bible says, God’s law is eternal. The law is the knowledge of sin. Therefore, sin is the  transgression of it. Psalm 19:9-11, Romans 3:20 and John chapter 1 verse 3. Cain who slew his brother Abel before the time of Moses was guilty of sin.

  • Question: How could Cain have sinned, if there was no Commandments to transgress?
  • Question: If it is written by the finger of God, thou shall not murder, then did not Cain transgress the law,  when he murdered his brother?

Its observance is meant to be kept as a consequence of love to God, through the indwelling of His Holy spirit. Jesus Christ said it Himself,”if you love me, keep my Commandments. John 14:15-31. Heart conversion, a heart transformed by God’s love produces fruits of obedience, righteousness, peace and joy. Faith in the love of God causes good works to naturally overflow from within the person’s heart by God’s grace through the Holy spirit. Enabling them to keep His Commandments without trying to earn His favour, knowing His love.

  • Question:If obedience is a natural by product, prerequisite and moral obligation of  keeping of His Commandments, then is not grace being negated with the belief that they are done away with?
  • Question:How can love be held morally accountable, if there is no standard of righteousness to be obedient to?

God wants us to know Him. God wants to put His law in our minds and write it upon the tables of our hearts. He wants us to receive the spirit of the law which lifts its standard higher. Where the lust of the flesh is consider adulatory, and hate seen as murder. It is not just to have a change of a whole new out look or view, but a change of heart. Having new desires and impulses, where good thoughts and actions can proceed from.Jeremiah 31:31-33


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