The whore of Babylon poem

She bit into the fruit of the serpent’s lies. Believing her eyes could be open, to make one wise. She also believed it would make her a goddess, no longer having faith in God’s goodness. She became a deadly seductress, her heart turn to a thick gross darkness, and was filled with utter violence. Her heart grew cold, hard like stone, for she had sold her own soul for the lies that was told. She had snared her conscience, blasphemed against the Holy spirit, without a care for her salvation.

Pride goeth before a man’s own destruction, if he despises God’s promptings. To stay away from what is called the antithesis to a virtuous woman. She is a woman of sexual desire. Her beauty is a spell, and eyes bewitching, men are consumed within their heart’s with a fiery lust if a look is given. A curse to whosoever puts his trust, because in her, there is no love. She’s sick, twisted and narcissistic, manipulative beyond comprehension. Trained by the enemy of souls to bring down kings to their ending.

She plays games of death with the souls of men. She is a prostitute, selling her own soul for money, for the soul of a man’s enemy. Flee from her, for she will not change. For her business is in the financial exchange of the souls of men to cause inexplicable pain. She cries to seek out their greatest weakness, trying to find out what the secret of their strength is. They become fools, willingly telling her, not knowing she has her own secrets. Her name is destroyer, but her tongue speaks innocents; therefore men are beguiled by the sweet flattery of her lips.

Do not feel sorry for her or else she will gain, your heart like a parasite until you decease in shame. Let her be a warning to all men to not be taken by what Proverbs calls the evil woman. And woe to the daughters of perdition who refused to listen, allowing themselves to become foolish women. Just in case you’re wondering, this is the whorish woman in the book of Revelation. The woman of Revelation chapter 17.


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