Blessed Assurance, Jesus Christ is mine

The issue is that most of us do not possess this blessed assurance, the sustaining love of God. Some of us strive on our own strength to persevere through times of great difficulty, and become burnt out. Discouragement and then sin are the results leading to tragedy in a person’s faith.

The assurance of God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ is the free gift which God Himself offers to all of us individually. To have the kingdom of God in us, living a completely transformed and different life altogether. Where the Holy spirit is a living and active witness. Working in and through us. Experiencing peace, joy and happiness. And also, having such confidence in the grace of God where there’s no fear of death. Due to the bond that God’s love has established.

We can know God’s love is real, according to His word. We could even experience His love, according to His word. But if we do not accept His love by faith, we are forever empty within, without the blessed assurance of His love filling the emptiness of our hearts. As it is shed aboard by the Holy spirit.


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