Change My Heart Oh God

People use violence, force, perspective and even affection to change others. But none of these reaches to the core of a person’s heart. Violence changes nothing. All violence does is incite fear and more violence. The love of a parent, child, brother, sister or partner can not change the heart of a person. A person can experience a change of an intellectual perspective, having a change of behaviour. But have evil thoughts, which proceeds from the heart. Being selfishly motivated, living a hypocritical, duplicitous and pretentious life. Love is the only thing powerful enough to change the heart. Love changes people. It’s God’s love that changes our hearts.

God solicits our love through the cross of Jesus Christ. Thus, His proposal was by the crucifixion of His son, reconciling the world back to Himself. The heart is transformed by the pure, holy, miraculous and selfless love of God. This is true change. Our prayer and song should be, change my heart oh God, make it ever true, change my heart oh God, may I be like You.


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