The Separation between Church and State, And The Moral Decline of Society

It is an historical fact, religion and politics should never intermingle. The greatest example of this is the dark ages of the medieval Church under the feudal system. When Church and state was united, the morality of the Catholic Church’s dogmas by its representative was law, enforced through government state power. In this system of government a kingdom was divided to prevent foreign invasions of the land. The land was divided up between the peasants, knights, lords and monarch. All in exchange for food, protection and money for the king or queen.

The peasants specialised in agricultural labour, and was responsible to feed the whole kingdom. The peasant’s work provided very little concerning the financial exchange for their labours. They were mostly poor and illiterate people who suffered by the oppressive yoke of Rome. Laden with such a heavy burden of injustice, while mentally enslaved by the Church’s interpretation regarding doctrine to exploit them. Consequently, the monarchs and the Church grew excessively wealthy.

Theologians were illuminated as light shined out of darkness into their hearts. The light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ according to His word. Theologians who held high positions within the Church. Men such as John Wycliffe, John Huss, Martin Luther and William Tyndale began to see that the Church has not been honestly distributing the Holy Scriptures. They saw a deviation from the Scriptures for tradition; and therefore embellishing in corruption. Using God’s word to regulate and control the consciences of men as a means to exploit them. They believed a man’s conscience should be free to look and believe in God’s word. It led on to the great movement of the Protestant Reformation. Therefore, the Church imprisoned, persecuted and burned at the stake millions through the state.

Christ was not a liberal nor conservative. He was neither left or right. Jesus Christ did not come to over throw the Roman empire to establish His kingdom. He said the kingdom of God is within you. His kingdom is not a literal earthly kingdom, but spiritual. His kingdom is to do with a transformation of the heart and mind. Having God’s law, Ten commandments in the mind, and written on the tables of  the heart through faith in Jesus Christ. Living free internally and externally in righteousness. When Jesus was here as the incarnation of the living word of God, God manifested in the flesh, God Himself, He said, give to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God that which is God’s. He was the first to separate religion from politics. Thus, we are to obey the law of the land as long as it does not contradict God’s higher law.

We are living in a time, where we are not only ready for the end of the separation between church and state, but for an universal tyranny. Those who are ideologically/politically persuaded by the left, want a Socialist democratic state. Democratic socialism is to achieve the goals of socialism in a democratic system. Socialism philosophically asserts Karl Marx’s economic view, that the means of production, distribution, and its exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole, transitioning into communism. Abolishing private ownership for collective ownership. The material resources and luxuries are no longer privately owned individually, but collectively. Material resources, luxuries and their exchange are distributed, controlled and regulated by the state for the community. People of this persuasion are advocating for communism.

They are the SWJ’S (Social Justice Warriors). They believe in the cause of social justice where wealth, privileged and inheritance should be redistributed. To take from those who are wealthy, privileged and that have inherited, and redistribute it by equally distributing it to those who are not wealthy, privileged and have not inherited anything. They believe, in order for there to be an equal distribution of wealth is to take from the rich, and give to the poor. Believing social justice and redistribution of wealth is a means to have true equality, when conversely they are against it.

The Postmodern moral relativistic perspective is inherently contradictive, because it asserts truth to be relative and that there are no absolutes as an absolute. The idiology asserts an absolute, while denying it simultaneously. Giving way to subjective moralism and conceptualisation, violating the laws of logic, truth and facts. Inventing morality and truth, pertaining to reason concerning experience, impulse and perception. Sceptical of absolutes, meaning, morality, race, gender and sexual orientation is considered as a social construct of society. Postmodernism has become a world wide philosophy that identity politics has capitalised on. Identity politics makes identity a political issue. Using civil and domestic issues to redefine language, according to the illogical fallacious reasoning of postmodernism to be PC. Political correctness (PC) polices language. Policing language unavoidably leads to policing freedom of expression, thought and conscience if it does not adhere to the social/political status quo.

The extreme of the liberal left has set a new precedence for hate speech. To go as far as to say, an offence is an act of violence even if it does not cause physical harm. People are then sensitively triggered by any little thing, which they may feel is an offence to them, without a care if it’s just a fact that’s beneficial. And re-educating people to be more sensitive, taking sensitivity training courses. Thus, a hypersensitive populace. Being actually regressive instead of progressive.

There’s various movements all part of the issue of identity politics and postmodernism. SWJ’S (Social Justice warriors), Antifa (Anti-Fascist), LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-sexual), 3rd Way Feminism and The Black Lives Matter Movement. In favour of the LGBT community, government has imposed their rights upon the rights of others by legislation of same sex marriage, and restricting the opposing party by hate speech legislation. Not to be able to exercise their rights to say no to any gay, bi or trans couple’s wedding by an ordained minister and his Church. And restricting the rights for anyone to call a man or a woman opposite from what they are biologically. They also equate opposing views  to racism. SWJ’S advocate stealing of wealth and status through redistribution for equality. Antifa are the pot calling the kettle black. Fascist calling the Fascist Fascist. Acting out against freedom of speech, expression and conscience. Aggressively attacking anyone with a counter view, interrupting protests and refuses to intellectually engage in a civil discourse. The Black Lives Matter Movement are deluded, speaking as a black person myself. Believing in systematic racism or systemic racism. 3rd Way Feminism claims, for equality amongst the sexes, men must be more sensitive to the extent of being effeminate because male masculinity is toxic. It also perpetuates the non existence of rape culture.

LGBT, SWJ’S, Antifa, Black Lives matter and 3rd way Feminism believe because white people are inherently racist, there’s systematic racism. If the west is run by a democratic republic system. A society that is multicultural. A assimilated, integrated society. Socially embracing different ethnicities. There is, therefore, no systematic racism, where we as a people either experience by observation or to others of an ethnic group, racial suppression and oppression regarding racial prejudice all the time. There is no such thing as white privilege. White privilege is negated due to economic class and inheritance. To even argue against the self hatred of black people and to be for our mental enslavement is in itself covert racism. To perpetuate the notion that black people are constantly oppressed, when we are not.

Donald Trump is the 45th president, the current president of the united states of America. His presidency has divided America relative to ideology, religion and economic/political issues. He hates PC, and uses harsh rhetoric to get his points across. He won the election by the majority of evangelical Christians.

The media has perpetuated a false narrative. Making a false comparison of Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was an Arian Nationalistic Ideologist. Trump is not even racist. He has black people who care about the black community working in his presidential administration. Some claim His immigration policies, and to vet Muslims before entering the country is racist. Illegal immigration is an economic and legal argument not an issue of racism. Illegal immigration financially strains not only the economy, but citizens. Illegal immigration puts the financial burden on the citizens, when it comes to employment and taxes. Illegal immigration is illegal, that is why it is called illegal immigration. And to be ideologically against terrorism is not racism. Racism is prejudice against the colour of a person skin not religion nor ideology.

Donald trump is a patriotic American. He includes a multicultural American society, a people of different ethnicities. But his patriotism is nationalistic. By definition Donald Trump is a Fascist. His angle is corporate fascism. Not really ironic since he is a successful economist and business man. Trump’s proposal to boost the American economy, and improve the middle class is to manufacture material resources in America instead of other countries. So Americans will have more opportunities for employment concerning work. In order for Mr Trump to do this is by being as government in partnership with business. Having absolute control over the American economy at an executive level through privately controlled corporations. E.g. he has signed executive orders to ensure that certain companies will not make other countries manufacture material resources as a means for production. The OTMP, Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. Implemented in the policies as described in the executive order 13788 called buy America, hire America. President Donald Trump signed a withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The Trans Pacific Partnership is an economic partnership with 12 other countries.



Will Donald Trump go against the American constitution, keeping Church and state separate?

The declaration of independence written in the American constitution was to keep Church and state completely separate. Without religious interference concerning the state. To not have a repeat of the dark ages of the Catholic Church.

“Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the exercise thereof.” No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification concerning the state: “But no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the united states.” And Freedom and equality for all men to have equal rights no matter what nationality they are; and the possibility of freedom to be able to pursue happiness. “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain in-alienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Source: Oxford history of the American people 1965, P .223

Trump repeals the Johnson amendment, which restricts pastoral leaders to instruct their congregation how to politically vote. And vows to end the separation of church and state. Going against the American constitution.

Trump vows to end the separation of church and state.

See source:

We are to seek the truth of God, and ask Him for wisdom. We are to seek Ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. We are to pray for our leaders to do well for the country. It’s like a captain that stairs a ship. If he crashes and sinks the ship, then everybody is effected, and suffers individually. For we are living in a time where the hearts of men have grown cold, without natural affection. God help each and every single one of us as we go through these dark times. For it is only going to get worse.


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