Are you secure in God’s love?

Many of us are insecure deep down. Some of us seek security and value in how we want to be perceived by others. Trying to fulfil their expectations. We want to prove ourselves. Wanting approval and validation. Due to not knowing our worth, we even commit ourselves to the things which devalues us as human beings and as individuals. Some put on a front of strength, confidence and happiness, while being empty and dead inside.

Our hearts inadvertently desires the love of God. Without it there’s a God shaped void in our hearts. For that reason, we look to things and others instead of God; and therefore suffer with the consequences.

There is security in the love of God through Jesus Christ. His love alone can quench the thirst of our hearts. It’s freely given out of love to bring an everlasting satisfaction to the soul. His love fulfils our hearts, so we may be free from the inside out.



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