He is Mr Right and She is Miss Right

We’re living in a time where there’s hardly any honesty, but pretension and selfishness. Most have no care nor compassion for other people. All there is is a love of being right. With a love of being right comes a spirit of pride and arrogance. Having such inclinations as being excessively critical, argumentative and judgemental. Therefore, it’s  not to necessarily care about what is right, but to care about being right.

People are now narcissistically using the truth. Projecting their intellectual complex for acceptance and validation. To manipulate, control and psychologically break down individuals to cause them to believe they are not as smart in comparison, as well as to be perceived to be intelligent. The truth is also used diplomatically. It’s either out of convenience or financial gain; and as a result of diplomacy, the truth is compromised. Some even lie to themselves about themselves, and tell those same lies to others because of wanting to be right in spite of knowing the truth. It can transcends self delusion to cynicism. If the truth is absolutely clear to the individual, and the individual refuses to acknowledge it.

And our vanity concerning truth has caused some of us to go according to what we think and not what we know. Effecting our social dynamic of how we relate to one another. To get to know someone, to establish a bond or to be in a committed relationship has become completely shallow. By first impressions we don’t take the time to get to know people. Instead it is our mental perception of the person and not who they really are.

Whatever happened to self honesty before being honest to the people we interact with? Whatever happened to authenticity, integrity and substance before being an influence? For it seems all we care about now a days is being right and not actually caring about what is right. God said He desires truth in our inward parts. If the truth is not in us, we are liars, and know not the truth. God help us as we think on these words.


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