God help me Poem

Lord please have mercy upon my soul. I am drowning in a deep sorrow, which I can’t control. Looking at my own reflection, I see the true expression of my countenance with much trepidation. Someone in such grievous pain, crying for years to the point where things make no sense. God give me the strength, there is no rest when I lay my head. A paralysis cripples me from within, and I often find myself desperately wanting, because my soul cries out to you for your healing. Your peaceful presence alone gives comfort, an loving assurance is a reminder that proves against absence. Always watching and taking care, even when I think nobody’s there. I will continue to have faith, waiting patiently on you, for there is nothing else I can do. Please help also those who are struggling as I write this poem. To be comforted, and to know they are never neglected.





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