Jesus Loves you

The world may judge you as something detestable. People may shun you and look with disgust. Your life may be considered as meaningless and disposable. But God’s love for you is infinite. He carried you in His heart before you was birthed into existence. He knew all of your idiosyncrasies, sins and issues. He knew the pain and suffering of what you would go through. And yet He created you, and yet He sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ to die for you, so you can have life being reconciled back to Him.

Thus, your self esteem should be in Him. Your confidence should be in His love. Not in the falseness and superficiality of this world. From the fact that you are here living and breathing proves you have value, that you have worth, and a purpose despite what anyone thinks. For that reason, I tell to whoever’s reading, Jesus loves you.


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