The God of mathematics

Some Mathematicians believe mathematics is something we invent, discovered or both. It is everywhere, considering nature. Where we can see beautiful, harmonious sequential patterns. Demonstrating purpose, meaning and order. Logical coherent patterns denotes intelligence. Thus, there would have to be an Higher intelligence who is responsible for intelligent design, creating everything intelligently. This intelligence must then be incomprehensible, surpassing our knowledge and understanding; because of the level of complexity seen in creation.

Mathematics is calculation (counting). We calculate what the amount of something is, and distance, weight, speed and time. We also use calculation regarding other things. Such as money, economics, financial budgeting and to be able to think logically. Mathematics provides us with the organisation and accuracy we need, without it there would be chaos. Having in-sequential patterns of disorder. As human beings we individually exhibit patterns of behaviour, reflecting our personalities. Also, we follow logical patterns pertaining to right ways of thinking, action and creativity. Hence, the Bible says, God made man in His own image.

We then naturally have the ability to do mathematics because it is inherently in us as well as something we will continuously learn from God. Only our fear of math and lack of faith prevents us from believing we can do it. Math anxiety effects both short and long term memory. Effecting our mental calculation and how we solve problems.

Therefore, for those who are mathematically illiterate and Christian, mathematics is not only an intellectual exercise, it does not only help with problem solving, but can spiritually bring you closer to God according to His word.




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