God Loves The Sinner, But Hates The Sin

God loves the sinner, but hates the sin. God hates sin because it separates man from God. Causing death, and eternal destruction. God therefore, hates sin for what it does to us. But because we are born with a sinful nature, having the natural tendencies to sin, we justify it. Due to the temporal pleasures we gain from it, inspite of the ramifications we then experience. And then, blame God for the sins we commit.

For our problem is like this. E.g. God says, fornication is a sin. The reason why fornication is wrong because it perverts the act of sex for instant self gratification, which is meant to reflect the selfless love of God for something debase and selfish.

Causing emotional, physical, mental and spiritual pain. And also, if a child has been conceived during premarital intercourse, the child could either be at risk of abortion or parental negligence. Due to inconvenience.

But because fonication offers pleasure for a short time; people do it anyway. Despite being emotionally, psychologically and spiritually attached to another person. And the physical possiblity of STDs or an unwanted pregnancy.

So the problem is not only between the two participants, but the unborn child who is ultimately going to be effected. For the purpose of the act was not in the true act of love, reflecting God’s love in a committed relationship (marriage), but out of selfishness.

Thus, sin is the problem. For that reason, we should live righteously, and not in transgression (sin). Unless we suffer as a consequence, and blame God for our suffering. For sin in, and of itself is destructive and self destructive.

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