Is life Ultimately meaningless?

As we know, words have definitions. Definitions has a specific meaning. Providing a logical framework or context for interpretation, in order to know and understand the meaning of their purpose.  This then translates into everything we say and do: we Identify what something is, and what makes it individually distinctive.

There is a struggle. Due to pain, suffering and atrocities, which happens universally to think life is meaningful. Some contradict themselves by saying life is meaningless, while living their lives with meaning. And others, commit suicide because of hopeless ness.  Growing weary of the pain they are personally experiencing.

We all should be asking the question, what is my purpose?  And, Why am I here?

A creator creates something with a purpose. A created thing does not know nor can it look to itself or anything like it to figure out what its purpose is. God, The Creator, created us for a purpose. Therefore, He is the only one who can then logically, tell us the purpose of our existence. And It is in Him alone, where we can have, and live a meaningful and a fulfilled life. For He is the answer to this most important question.

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