Fire And Desire Poem

If you are burning, within your heart yearning, then you should wait untill marriage to be deserving. To commit before God and the person who He wants you to be with. To love and to honour in sickness and in health, and also in poverty and prosperity as long as you both shall live. Loving each other selflessly and unconditionally; and therefore, not selfishly.

Like how Christ loved the Church, self sacrificially and perfectly. To be as one. Thus, the consummation of your marriage will be more than a sexual attraction. Where souls Intertwine in an infinite deep love of satisfaction. So sweet, and so beautiful it reflects God’s love, which is so pure and innocent that it can’t be rushed.

But if you haven’t given your heart to God first, being in a relationship will make no sense. For God is love. And to know Him is to know what true love is.

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