What Does A Woman Or A Man Of God Look Like?

God creates man. The man’s identity pertains to his purpose of why he was created. To glorify God by the image he was created in, in the image of God. The relationship he will then first establish, would be with his Creator.

God gives man a work to do. The work, which God gives to man is to serve for His glory. Once the work has been given, he then provides man with a help mate. Someone who can assist him. Being complementary to him.

Therefore, a man must know his God as his Creator. Knowing the purpose of his existence. What was the intention of why his Creator, God created him. Having a relationship with God because he was created to be loved by his Creator. And do the work, that he is called to do by God for His glory. Before he can ever be ready for a help mate. To help assist him with the work God has given to him.

Likewise it is exactly the same for a woman. A woman must know God as her Creator. Her identity is to know the purpose of why she was created by her Creator. To be loved by Him. And to glorify Him, being made in His image. Having firstly established a relationship with Him. Before she could ever be a help mate to a man.

It is God who brings the two together, and makes them one flesh. For the man does not persue the woman nor does the woman persue the man. For the woman was created for the man, and the man was created for the woman.

This is the Biblical narrative of how relationships between husbands and wives are truly established. To live in the purpose and will, which God has for their lives in service for His glory.

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