A message to Leodica

We are described as Seventh Day Adventist by Ellen White and the Spirit of prophecy to have a Leodicean, lukewarm condition. This lukewarm condition is an issue of half heartedness, concerning our faith in God. God does not truly possess our hearts as professed believers. Our hearts are unsanctified. Filled with iniquity, and cherished sins. And also, a partial conformity to worldliness. Hence, the description, as poor, blind, miserable, wrechted and naked.

And because, this is a collective issue, we are individually then lukewarm. Having no spiritual discernment to see our true condition. Due to the spiritual attainment of knowledge, we have this arrogance. Believing we are rich, and in need of nothing; and therefore, we are honestly deceived.God wants to anoint our eyes as Seventh Day Adventist to see our true condition. So He can then counsel us to purchase gold, which is faith, tried in the fire of affliction. 

We even justify our lukewarmness to sin.With the notion, that we sin everyday, and can not stop sinning. This view worsens the void in the hearts of believers . It is denying the power of God to save man from sin, while stressing the importance of keeping The Ten Commandments. Making The Commandments itself a heavy burden. Thus, in the place of faith, legalism takes over. For clarification, I am not saying we can not sin. What I am saying is the notion, belief implies we can not have the victory over it by faith in Jesus Christ.

Our conscience is meant to be free, where hearts delight in keeping the law of God. No longer under its condemnation. Its deeds are satisfied by the power of the indwelling of The Holy Spirit by faith. Naturally producing good works as an overflowing of God’s grace. But everything seems to be on the contrary. Instead of having peace of mind there is a constant inner turmoil. The heart still has enmity against God’s law. There is a crippling fear. And good works are exercised, and not naturally produced by The Holy Spirit from the heart. 

The Bible says, the fruits of The Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness and faith. Galatians 5:22. So we will, and can know, if God’s Spirit truly dwells in us or not according to His word.  

We must humble ourselves before God. Bringing to Him sacrifices of a contrite spirit and a broken heart. A heart that is sorrowful unto repentance to lose this lukewarm condition. And to no longer cling unto our sins and iniquities.

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