In The Last Days

What we are witnessing in these end times as it was foretold by the Holy Scriptures, that the hearts of men will become harden. Harden in sin and lawlessness, their love will grow cold without natural affection. No more consciously sensitive to God’s promptings through the Holy Spirit, but spiritually callus and detached from Heavenly principals.

Becoming more and more selfish. Being narcissistic. Putting love for self above love for God, through mainstream media, social media and celebrity worship. And despite always learning because of the increase of knowledge, they never come to the knowledge of the truth.

Language has been inverted. Calling light darkness, and darkness light, good evil, and evil good. Vulger or foul language is normalised as an natural expression. The inevitable consequence thereof is the commission of all kinds of evil and confusion, without having any moral conduct. Where people not only have a sense of shame and decency, but unjustly commit offences, and are hypocritical of others for the same offences.

This is even effecting the majority of Christians. Many have turn away from the faith to persue their own lust. Entangling themselves with the lust that they were freed from by the power of God. And those who have the truth are lukewarm.Now is the time for prayer, and honest soul searching as the Holy Spirit leads according to God’s word.

Now is the time for faith.Now is the time to set our hearts and minds toward heaven, and not to the things of this world. For change will start in the house of God, the church first before there will ever be a spiritual revival and reformation of society.

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