What A Faithless, Wicked And Perverse Generation

Sin causes an inexplicable grief to the heart of God. To then live in transgression demonstrates that their is no relationship, no intimacy with Him. For to love someone is not to constantly cause them grevious pain. And all sin is conceived by the lack of faith in unbelief. For self sufficiency and dependence on self, either being or acting independently, unavoidably goes against God. Leading to all kinds of evil. Compromising what is right for what is wrong. The justification of evil in particular circumstances. To get ahead or evade an issue. The trivialisation of evil. Making evil an insignificant issue to make good problematic. Ultimately, culminating in, major hypocrisy and the twisting of the truth. hypocritically making judgments and, calling good evil and evil good.

This is where we are in our present time. Having no faith to discern, we are now calling good evil and evil good. Good and evil has become in the eyes of men indistinguishable, and Society is on the brink of chaos. The social dynamic concerning our interactions are no longer grounded in the truth of the reality of God’s love. It’s every man and woman for him and her self. Everyone is a law unto their own self. Truth is relative to different people individually. The Church has become a social club. A place to socialize, accommodating unbelievers. Getting the help and support needed, in order to be part of a community, to have a sense of belonging. For man has become lovers of self more than lovers of God.

Bring back the faith of Jesus Christ, which took Him to the cross. When people died because of their faith in Him. When people were viciously persecuted. When men were willing to die than to transgress God’s law.

It’s that kind of faith, which will soon come again on God’s people, during the latter rain. It’s that kind of faith, which most will be unprepared for and lost. Believing that their lives should be easy and comfortable during these dark times. It’s that kind of faith, which will set the whole earth on fire. Bringing about the prominence of God’s word, a spiritual revival and reformation of society.Therefore, it’s this faith that we need. It’s this faith we need to persue in prayer. It’s this faith that will prove our honesty to God. If we truly love Him or not. It’s this faith, and no other. It’s this faith that will change a faithless, wicked and perverse generation.God help us.

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