Do You Love Your Enemies ?

We are so judgemental, unforgiving and hostile towards each other. Instead of being merciful, and pardoning the faults of others to see their need due to brokenness and pain, we put ourselves before others. Not loving each other selflessly and unconditionally to genuinely go out of our way to help those who are desperately in need and hurting.

We’re so quick to then cutt people off from our lives.Sometimes waiting for them to screw up because of issues of unforgivness.

The Cross of Jesus Christ clearly demonstrates with absolute certainty that we deserved death, but God had mercy. It’s therefore, not fair to know this and treat others as though they do not deserve grace when they hurt us.

God’s love suffers long with each and every single one of us individually. Patiently waiting, and striving to perfect our characters in the likeness of Christ His Son. He doesn’t nor is He quick to cutt us off when we fall into sin against Him, but helps, strengthens and reconciles us.

Jesus said, the world will know my love by the love we would have for each other. Thus, God’s love is griviously misrepresented by the way we live our lives without grace and mercy.We do not love our enemies and pray for those who persecute and despitefully use us from a loving heart to have the hope of salvation for their souls.

We’re viciously praudful. Comparing people as though we’re better, in bitter condescension and hostility. And holding records of wrong doing. For love holds no records of wrong doing.

If our hearts are still empty and devoid of God’s love then He is still knocking at the door of our hearts, and waiting to come in. If our hearts has not been healed by the power of God’s love then it’s not only impossible to know the love of God deep down within the heart and soul, but to love others. To look beyond their faults and see their need. And also, to bring healing and ministry to their lives.

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