Woman Do You Know Your Worth?

There are some women who don’t want a good man, but complain about being treated badly by bad men. And then say, there are no good men.

These kinds of women will get a good man, and know not what to do with him. But get a bad guy, and can never get enough. Due to not knowing their own value to be able to value and appreciate a good man, they end up with a guy, which undermines their worth.

So when they say nice guys finish last, the reality is women that think like this end up heart broken and lonely. Going from relationship to relationship, desperately seeking a man to mend the damages of the previous, but only make it worse; because of their choice in bad men.

God fulfills the empty void within the heart. It’s in His love alone where we can know our worth, where we even have value. He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to pay the price with His own blood for our redemption. Thus, for a woman to know her value and value herself is to know God’s love before she could ever value, respect and appreciate a good man.

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