I Got To Get My Heart Back To My First Love Poem

Jesus, you became a living sacrifice. Giving your life, paying the price for my redemption by your own blood, and bringing me from darkness to light, so I can have salvation.

You are my first love. Your love is so sweet. It flows beautifully like a melody on the rhythem of my heart beat. And gives an infinite deep peace. It’s the song of my heart. My heart dances with joy all day long, in spite of anything going wrong.

I am yours, save me. For I have forgotten this song of old. Losing sight of your love, and now I’ve grown cold. My eyes has lost their brightness, mind has turnt to darkness, and I have no more strength left. No longer living in obedience to righteousness.

I am trying to hide my pain inside. I am tired of constantly, going up and down in this rollercoaster ride. Yearning desperately, for your love to revive and heal this broken heart of mine.

I got to get my heart back.To the way it use to be. To the way it use to feel, concealed in your love for me.

My Lord and my God and sovereign king, the creator of all things, I give my broken heart with tearful sorrow as an offering. For I have strayed in sin. Please bring my heart back to you. To worship you in spirit and in truth. Cleanse me from all sin and iniquity, where I will no longer think wickedly. I pray in Jesus Christ name amen.

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