God Be The Glory Alone

God alone can take us from nothing to something. From condemnation to salvation. From sinner to saint. From bitter bondage of slavery to freedom. From sickness to health. From the dust of object poverty, having absolutely nothing to financial prosperity. From being needy in dung to not only having all needs taken care of, but to be blessed with abundants. And from a woman who can’t have children to having children, and keeping house.

All God ask of us is to trust in Him. For He delights in lavishing us with His love. This is the reason why God’s name is to be praised and highly exalted; and therefore, get the honour and the glory. Simply, beacause of who He is. He is not only a God of love, but love itself. He is our loving Heavenly Father who watches over every single one of us.

Our pride in ourselves brings us low. Self sufficiency, self dependance and self reliance are all from pride. Pride excludes God from being our helper. We were created to depend and rely on Him. He alone is sufficent for us, and not us of ourselves. God is the author and source of life. We can’t then live our lives independantly away from Him and be sucessful. Either in the short or long run, regression, the loss of everything and destruction will unavoidably and ultimately come. Thus, we should look to God, and not ourselves. For He is our everything, and without Him we are nothing.

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