The Beautiful Beast Poem

She eats the bread of idleness. Constantly, admiring herself in selfishness. Obsessed by the way she looks, she’s possessed by a spirit of pride in which she can find no rest day and night.

Instead of giving God the glory for the beauty He has gifted her with, she turns it into shame. Profaning His Holy and precious name through attributing the gift of her beauty to self, causing men pain.

She is a heart breaker. Going from person to person, from relationship to relationship. Using men emotionally to satisfy the empty void from within.

She is a beast, which devours men. Don’t ever be captivated by her beauty, and let her in. Into your heart she will consume like a fire. Knowing she is a man’s heart’s desire.

Stay away from her social media. Narcissistically, taking many pictures of herself to ensnare fools to demonstrate her worth.

Her beauty is certainly vain and fleeting. So greet and meet not these types of women. For these types of women are craving for their pride of sin.

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