Soul ties

Charm is a deceit, and beauty is vain. These are the two main things which most people fall for, and establish a relationship with.

People talk about falling in love. But love is not to fall into. For God is love. Love between a man and woman is ordained by Him. But without it being so, men and women often fall into a deception of who they think the other person is, or mistake beauty for truth. There is then, no such thing as love at first sight. But lust at first sight. The desire for someone who is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes; because of a physical attraction.

It’s the incentive of lust, then charm, to gain a false sense of security, and there after fornication. Motivated by lust, charm is used as a means to make good impressions to cause comfortability. As they are being sociable. Before deciding to fornicate.

During fornication, (premarital sexual intercourse) a physical bond is being created. A bond based on an illusion of love, which doesn’t reflect true intimacy. True intimacy is developed on a deeper level spiritually in a relationship. Due to God being in the center of it. Where the two become In sync and complimentary. Concerning their differences and the fundemental things they both share and have in common in Him.

Thus, what is mostly likely inclined to happen is people only having sex to fulfill their sexual expectations of what they’ve desired. And once their experience doesn’t meet up to their expectation for the one, but it does for the other, the one leaves. And if they no longer feel sexually satisfied, consequently, either leave the one or the other with a sense of entrapment or entanglement with their feelings for the person.

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