The devil’s counterfeit

The devil has his counterfeits to whatever God does according to His word. Therefore, it looks very similar to the real thing.

It’s so deceptive, that people who have accepted his counterfeit will not only see it as a counterfeit, but reject the truth as a counterfeit. Even if his counterfeits are seen in contrast to the truth, where there is a clear distinction by God’s word.

How can we tell the difference between the truth of God’s word, and the Devil’s counterfeit to it?

First we look for that which is plainly stated emphatically in the Scriptures themselves. Being self explanatory. We look to at least 2 or 3 witnesses. For every word is established by 2-3 witnesses. Demonstrating Scriptural consistency. 2 Corinthians 13:1. And we meticulously go through and take each detail into careful consideration.

It’s to not only study the truth, but be in relationship with it. God is the truth. And the Devil is the father of all lies, and deceiver. So we can know the truth in contrast to something that may only appear to be true. This could only be done by genuinely seeking God in prayer, and not looking to your intellectual reasoning, logic and impulse.

Due to the fact the devil seeks mastery over us through the manipulation of our senses. Whereby through the subtle persuasiveness of his deceptions and sophistries, people are deluded by reason of experience.

For this reason, by faith in God’s word as the truth alone, we can be able to distinguish the difference between the truth and the devil’s counterfeits.

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