Is slain in the spirit really of God?

There’s no where in the Bible where there is such a thing called nor such a thing practiced. Slain in the spirit is a demonic practice. Ignorantly practice by the pentecostal charismatic churches, the Quakers and etc.

The Hindus call it Shatipat, which is to invoke or transmit the power of Shiva, the goddess of destruction to the recipient by the hand of the guru on the forehead. To bring a false sense of healing, enlightenment and a state of euphoria. Due to the recipient becoming possessed.

The recipient would fall unconsciously to the ground, and have what looks like a violent fit or being physically shaken on the floor. It’s Exactly the same of what is practiced along with the strange tongues part of the kundalini experience in some churches.

It’s also known in hypnosis. Friedrich Anton Mesmer believed there’s magnetic fluids existed in nature. The word mesmerism comes from his last name. He believed they can be used to heal all sickness and diseases. The individual in the same manner would place their hand on the recipient’s forehead as both of their hands are in the air, causing the recipient to fall unconsciously to the ground.

Therefore, the Hindus just like the christians are mediums for imputing the demonic spirit of Shiva. And also, christians are inadvertently causing others to experience a false sense of enlightenment, healing, joy and comfort.

Consequently, A lot of christians in these churches have become psychologically ill as well as possessed. Going to these kinds of churches that have such practices. Willingly going, thinking they will receive deliverance, not knowing the deadly snare of captivity that lies before them.

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