The pride of life

The world says, you won’t get anywhere by being nice. And you won’t get ahead without making moral compromises.

The world will then try to knock you down over and over again, and keep you down. To lift up the heart in pride to harden the conscience. To be consciously insensitive, without a care for anybody, but self.

To see people only as obstacles to progression and success. And once you start to care about how an obstacle feels, you allow the individual to destroy you.

Therefore, you must either used the individual for selfish intent or do whatever you can to remove them out of your way.

But God says the complete opposite. He removes our hearts of stone to give us a heart of flesh. We are to be conscientiously aware of the needs of others before self. We are to seek fulfillment in the glory of God’s love Instead of the pride of worldly fulfillment, pertaining to self exaltation.To give Him the glory and honour, which is rightfully His alone. And ultimately, serve Him where we care for others as a witness of His love without any moral compromises. For this is the life God calls us to live by. A life of faith in His love.

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